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    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Is Freesteemmine Free?
    Yes. You can use the site as a free member and make free prize claims! However, upgraded members will double the amount of their claims from the free claim button and receive much more.

    2. Why Should I Upgrade?
    Upgraded members receive special discounts, are permitted to enter steemit posts or blog posts to receive help in promotion, and get an increased chance to find items in Freesteemmines exclusive game that has valuable prizes.

    3. How Can Freesteemmine Pay it’s Members Free Prizes?
    The site takes in money from advertising and is supported by it’s upgraded members.

    4. What is the Goal of Freesteemmine?
    Freesteemmine creates a fun, supportive community that helps with your success at steemit.com, and of course, it has great prizes!

    5. How Are Members Paid?
    Once regular members reach 2.00 in bit coin value or 1.00 for upgraded members, they can request cashout, and will be paid in the cryptocurrency steem at their username at steemit.com Steemit.com accounts are free to get. We truly take care of our free and upgraded members. Cashouts are paid within 24 hours.
    Save your steemit username in your Getting Paid tab. Create a steemit account now, waiting is not a good idea.

    6. Is There Any Requirement?
    You can make prize claims any time you want at a maximum of every 15 minutes. If you fail to login for 30 days your balance will return to zero. Upgraded members have no login requirement. Members must stay subscribed to our emails to use the site. Upgraded members do not have to.

    7. How Do I Promote My Steemit or Blog Post?
    First, understand that only upgraded members can do this. Simply visit your post promotion tab and enter the website url of what you want promoted and click save. Now your post will automatically be rotated for promotion in the members area, chat, and in emails to our members.

    8. Can I Have More Than One Account?
    No. Only one account is allowed per household and only
    one account will be permitted per ip address.

    9. How Do I Claim Free Bit Coin?
    In your upper menu click on Free Bit Coin, complete the captcha, then press claim bit coin simple! You can claim every 15 minutes.

    10. Is Freesteemmine Legal?
    Yes, no money is deposited to be used in our games. Everything is won free from our site!

    11. We have a loyalty bonus what is it?
    Loyalty Bonus: Click Days in a Row to Get a Bonus Satoshi Prize.
    Click 5 days in a row to get 250 satoshi.
    10 days in a row to get 500 satoshi
    15 days in a row to get 750 satoshi
    30 days in a row to get 1000 satoshi
    45 days in a row to get 1500 satoshi
    60 days in a row to get 2000 satoshi

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