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    Quick Start Steemit

    If you are just signing up please be patient for your account to get approved. Sometimes it takes days but it is worth it!

    Quick Tips:
    1. One of the first things you’ll want to do is visit settings in the top right corner so you can fill in your profile. If you have time you may want to create your first post introducing yourself. Make sure to tag it introduceyourself I have been seeing people put a sign next to their picture with their username just to show you’re you

    2. If you are upvoting and want curation rewards(rewards for finding good content) make sure you do it within 7 days or you will not get any

    3. Within the first 30 minutes after a post some of your upvote goes to the author. When your vote comes in, the position matters. It’s an interesting system because if you were to vote instantly after a post is made, most of the reward of that upvote goes to the author. So you would prefer to wait 30 minutes or later but if votes come in before you, you get less and less. Want to go into even more depth on this: https://steemit.com/steemit/@calamus056/curation-rewards-explained-in-great-detail

    Also, steemit community if there are updates or things to add please put them in comments, thanks

    Go explore and check things out. The community is generally very nice. Make sure you read posts before you comment, give those comments some thought, and be you. Don’t be spammy. This site is a lot about quality content and relationships.

    This is a growing process. You will want to meet people by commenting on their posts. You will increase followers that way. Also, by making posts, people will be able to find you and follow you as well. This helps to get greater traffic(eyes) to your posts because people check their feeds.

    Quick Definitions

    Whale- someone with a lot of steem and/or steem power

    Minnow- usually someone just starting/ has little steem or steem power/ small amount of followers

    Lambo- The car crypto people will buy with their huge profits

    To the Moon- Crypto peoples notion of a cryptocurrency sky rocketing in value

    Hodl- Reference to holding a crypto coin instead of selling it

    Intermediate Level of Understanding
    Using Bots for More Attention
    If you are interested in getting more attention to your posts you can use what are known as bots to increase interest in your post because the rewards pool becomes higher. I include this here for the sake of completeness. Bots are easy to use. You simply transfer steem dollars to the username of the bot. Make sure you put the url of your post in the memo that you want them to upvote. Helpful resource if you are interested in bots: https://steembottracker.com/

    Read more about bots here: https://steemit.com/upvote/@binkley/my-favorite-steemit-upvote-bots

    *bellyrub is not a working bot anymore

    Would you like to keep track of your upvotes, author rewards, curation rewards? This site is very helpful in doing that: http://steemnow.com

    If you have more questions here is a quick link to frequently asked questions here at steemit:


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