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    Discuss Steemmonsters strategy here.




    1. Format- Monsters Lose All Abilities
    I have not seen any build stronger than peaceful giant followed by magic monsters with the water summoner

    2. Format- All ranged and magic have the snipe ability.
    If the battle allows enough mana to protect your fire demon and elemental phoenix these creatures have some great synergy because they can hit three targets with their blast effect.

    3. Attacking with a focus of sneak or snipe can be effective offensively(more than one creature with ability) and especially if you can estimate/guess that your opponent will be weak in the middle(snipe) or back(sneak)

    4. If you’re using life, the magic reflecting/shielding paladin is a real MONSTER or if you’re using death the haunted spirit with self heal and magic reflect is another big player

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    Divine Sorcerer

    Dated 1/9/2019

    Divine Sorceress at level 5 has more life and does less magic damage compared to level 6

    Level 5 Stats 2 Magic 2 Speed 0 Armor 4 Life
    Level 6 Stats 3 Magic 2 Speed 0 Armor 3 Life

    So when dealing with magic reflect you may want to plan on it and only take 1 damage in magic reflect damage instead of 2
    Or maybe you need the offensive power of 3 magic damage

    Solution: Carry a level 5 gold one and a level 6 regular one so you have the option of choosing.



    This is a big deck for the 15 mana format, use selenia with

    haunted spirit, spider, twisted jester

    khan.dayyanz suggests that selenia frost giant, crust king, pirate archer can beat it 🙂

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    Any suggestions on how to use this friend:-) Lord Arianthus?



    Thanks for participating! My first thoughts are to use him in a large mana battle and heal him with divine healer, wood nymph, or spirit of forest. I can also see him as a snipe blocker he should draw their fire. Until I have a battle tested use for him I don’t want to give a specific line up to use 🙂

    Lord Arianthus



    Format: All magic attacks hit armor first

    This actually might be a good time to use magic against your opponent, especially if he doesn’t expect it
    The thing I like about blue here using crustacean king to armor everyone is you don’t get hurt so badly with magic reflect

    Now if your opponent knows your gonna play this way, he can use magic reflect and heavily armor himself
    something like frozen soldier or white summoner with defender of peace for more armor and of course using silvershield paladin upfront or Lord A

    crustacean king steemmonsters

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